Singing Mindfully with Spirit and Joy

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  • Breathe into the Moment
  • Awaken the Spirit
  • Sing from the Heart
  • Laugh form the Belly
  • Listen Deeply
  • Quiet your Mind
  • Let it Go
  • Celebrate every Voice

Soulful Singing™ is a joyful approach to singing that celebrates your unique voice, fosters creativity and play, and nurtures living in the present moment. In song and silence, you'll be invited to breathe intentionally and listen deeply, awaken to the now and celebrate life. All voices are welcome to these experiential, meditative and renewing times. Come with an open heart, and bring along any rhythm instruments you have. Leave with songs in your heart and a deep sense of joy and connection.

Wendy Luella Perkins is a Unitarian Universalist minister and lifelong singer who explores the interplay between singing and spirituality. She developed Soulful Singing (singing as a spiritual practice) in 2002 from her love of singing for the simple pleasure of it, and from her desire to create communities of joy and transformation. She offers several ongoing Soulful Singing groups in and around Kingston and facilitates singing workshops throughout the country. Wendy brings lively enthusiasm and spiritual depth to all that she does. A prolific writer of folk songs and meditative chants, Wendy is also a committed community activist, weaving singing and social transformation into her everyday life.

Gatherings & Schedule Do something wonderful for yourself by bringing the power of communal sound and silence into your life...come to soulful singing!! All voices welcome — including yours! Soulful Singing is inclusive, joyful and relaxed, and no previous singing experience is required. Soulful Singing groups meet as indicated below.

Ongoing Groups

Soulful Singing Regular Schedule:

  • WEEKLY: Soulful Singers gather weekly in Kingston’s Skeleton Park neighbourhood every Thursday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. 7:00-8:30 p.m.
    Cost for each session is $2-20/session (sliding scale).
    Call 613.549.3102 or contact Wendy for details.
  • MONTHLY: Sunday of the Month, 10:00-11:30 a.m., Soulful Singing is held in Kingston’s Skeleton Park neighbourhood. I will announce each date in advance, and because of my travelling schedule, it won’t consistently be the same Sunday each month.
    Cost for each session is $2-20/session (sliding scale).
    Call 613.549.3102 or contact Wendy for details.
  • MONTHLY: One Friday of the Month, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. This is a women’s-only group, and meets in Battersea.
    Cost for each session is $10.
    Call 613.549.3102 or contact Wendy for details.

Start your own Group

Wendy can tailor a group to meet your specific needs. Call 613.549.3102 or contact Wendy for details.

Your Home, Community Group, Congregation or Workplace

Soulful Singing

Bring Soulful Singing to your family, home, workplace, congregation, school or event. Sessions adapted to meet your group’s needs. Wendy also sings at births, baby blessings, deaths and other life passages.

Need more information or want to register for a program?

phone 613.549.3102 or send Wendy a note from the Contact page.

Soulful Singing — Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Soulful Singers on Soulful Singing

“Soulful Singing is unique and incredible — it feeds my soul, my heart, my mind. It is like nothing else I have ever experienced. If you value community, creativity, fun and spirituality on your own terms, you will love Soulful Singing. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you can sing. Come on out and be delighted.” L.F.

“I think what makes it work is the warm, accepting, creative atmosphere that underlies the experience — this makes for a safe, nurturing, open space to explore and enjoy the delight of making music in harmony (and even in disharmony!) with others. There is no right way to do things and experimenting is encouraged. What more could one ask?!” R.S.

“I was new to Kingston and looking for something that would rock my soul...I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel towards Wendy and the other participants; for their presence, their willingness and sometimes their silliness. I have found my voice, and have even written a few songs!” E.C.W.

“I am a new comer to the group, with little singing experience, but was welcomed with quiet cheer and instant harmony — literally! A refreshing pause amongst hectic weeks that reaches right down to my boot straps and resonates sweetly.”K.R

“I love to sing with others, but I found myself frustrated with traditional choirs that didn’t provide room for spontaneity, creativity and collaboration in singing. Soulful Singing was exactly what I was looking for — an opportunity to strengthen my singing with a group of people who are willing to be amazed at the beauty we can create together through music.” H.G.